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10 reasons eating healthy is easier than you think

Updated: May 3, 2020

1. Saves you money.

Most people think that buying healthy food is more expensive than packaged food so they don’t even bother. That is not the case. If you shop along the perimeter of the grocery store you’ll get fresher products that cost less than packaged food. Buy what’s in season. If you buy strawberries in the winter, you’ll end up spending more than if you bought them during the summertime. Check your local grocery store ads. You can stock up on what’s on sale. Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of what you need to buy for your meals for the week. Check your refrigerator and pantry to see if you have any leftovers from the week prior to use for any meals. If you buy groceries for the week and eat out at fast food restaurants during the week, that ends up costing you more than if you were to just spend money on groceries.

2. Can help prevent overeating.

Eating a well-balanced meal that includes all essential macronutrients leaves you feeling full and satisfied. If your plate is loaded with just protein and carbohydrates you will be left hungry, which can in turn cause overeating. Unsaturated fats are the best kinds of fats to eat such as, olive oil, avocado and almonds. They help keep make meals for satisfying and keep you feeling fuller longer.

3. Helps you lose weight easier.

If you are like most people, you do not want to keep gaining weight. Produce is mostly made up of water, so it’s low in calories which means you can eat a lot of if without packing on the pounds. If you add more veggies to your plate as a filler, you are less likely to overeat throughout the day. Avoiding dressings and high calorie sauces to your meals and replacing them with no calorie herbs and spices is a great way to keep the pounds down and it's a total game changer!

4. Sets a good example for your kids.

It’s easier for kids to choose healthier options if they see their parents doing the same. Kids lead by example. They will develop these lifelong habits, which can help prevent chronic disease in adult life. Get kids involved by having them make a quick and easy meal. When kids are able to help with cooking they get excited about the food they are going to get. Make it a point to have family dinner every night and have the kid’s talk about which new snack or meal they can help make next time.

5. Gives you energy.

When you eat the three main nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) your body breaks them down to use for energy. If your body has enough carbohydrates, it can then be stored into glycogen and used at a later time. Consuming energy drinks and foods high in processed sugar may give you an instant surge of energy, but it’s not sustainable. Eating frequent, smaller meals throughout the day can keep your blood sugar levels stable, giving your body the exact amount it needs in order to function properly.

6. Prevents chronic disease and illness.

How many times have you heard that saying, food is medicine? In a sense, it’s true. What you eat can either feed the disease or help keep it away. According to the CDC, 45% of Americans have at least one chronic illness. Building healthy habits early in life can help prevent obesity, diabetes and certain heart conditions among others. Keep the focus on whole grains, veggies, fruit, and protein for optimal health.

7. Good for your skin.

Ever notice someone with a natural glow in their skin? Diet has a major impact on the nature of your skin. Eating veggies high in sulfur like, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower can help your skin look like you just spent a went in the tropics. Sulfur helps your body digest fats, controls your metabolism of carbohydrates and rids the body of waste that clogs skin pores causing a lifeless complexion.

8. Better for the environment.

Choosing to live sustainably can be better for your health and the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Eating less meat or no meat can help lower the greenhouse gas emissions which plays a predominant role in the livestock sector. If we decide to eat less meat and dairy throughout the week, we will definitely help our planet AND our health. Perhaps, a “meatless Monday” could be in the works?

9. Easier to create other healthy habits.

Eating healthy paves the way for optimal health. Drinking more water, getting enough sleep, incorporating exercise, and reducing stress all help to keep you focused and feeling your best. Once you see how good it feels feed your body high energy, nutritious foods everything else falls into alignment.

10. Can reduce insurance premiums.

Practicing good health habits and being mindful of what you eat can reduce your risk of certain medical conditions. If you maintain a certain weight, when you apply for life insurance you will be considered “low risk” and can keep your monthly premiums low.

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