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Could You Be Creating Your Own Sugar Cravings?

Have you ever wondered why you crave sugar and you can't stop eating it? It could be that you are creating your own cravings unknowingly. This can be frustrating deal with. Cravings for foods high in sugar and fats are caused by the reward and pleasure receptors in the brain. The good news is that you can replace this habit with a new healthier one and you don't have to be restricted of sweetness.

Most people tend to think of food in calories and macro nutrients. As a health and life coach, I like to think of food as having energetic qualities. Every food that we eat has an energetic effect on the body, mind, and spirit. I want to share with you a fun way to think about food. The concept is called, “the polarity of food.” It's based on the idea that everything has two 'polarities' or extremes. For instance, light and dark, tense and relaxed, hard and soft, fear and faith. And when we think of food, we can look at it the same way.

On one extreme of the poll, we have "Expansive" foods. Not that they make you physically expand, but in the sense that they do change how we use and produce energy. Examples of expansive foods are, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and dairy. These foods and drinks make you feel happy and relaxed. Consuming too many expansive foods can make you feel forgetful, spacey and lazy.

On the opposite extreme, we have "Contracted" foods. Foods like red meat, eggs, and salt can make you feel grounded and aggressive. If you have too many of them, they can make you feel "tight", agitated, and uncomfortable.

So how does this relate to sugar cravings? If life is a system of opposites, your body is going to look for ways to find balance. If you eat too many Contracted foods, what do you think your body will start to crave? Expansive foods! And vice versa.

The balance point is incorporating whole grains, leafy greens, fruits & nuts, roots & beans, and lean proteins.  If you can make this a part of your diet for at least 80% of the time, you will notice a significant increase in energy, mental clarity, and even libido. Who doesn’t want that?

Now let’s talk about how Expansive and Contractive activities show up in our lives. Signs of Contractive activities are stress, working too much, staying up too late, and partying.  How many times have you had a stressful day at work, then come home to screaming kids? Or how many times have you felt depressed or unhappy and you’ve reached for sweets or alcohol for comfort? The body is trying to balance itself out. If we don’t relax and practice self-care, then the body will crave expansive foods for relaxation. Ways to relax the body can include going for a walk at the park, taking a bubble bath, meditation, reading a book.

Staying balanced keeps the body and mind strong and healthy. This will also help ward off diseases, health issues, and weight gain. Think of good nutrition and self-care as a luxury car, the better you take care of it, the longer it will run. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit and stay thriving!

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